Age Verification Policy

We The Licence Holders Of Bookmeals Follow A Strict Age Verification Process Prior To Ordering And Up On Delivery Of Any Food And Alcoholic Drinks On Our On Line Delivery And Take Away System.
In Order To Comply With The Regulations We Adhere To Strict Age Verification Policy Set Below:

This Must As A Minimum Require Individuals Who Appear To The Responsible Person to Be Under The Age Of 18 Years Of Age To Produce On Request (before Being Served Alcohol) Identification Bearing Their Photograph, Date Of Birth, And A Holographic Mark.  Examples Of Acceptable ID Include Photo Card Driving Licences, Passports Or Proof Of Age Cards Bearing The PASS Hologram, Although Other Forms Of ID Which Meet The Criteria Laid Out Above Are Also Acceptable.The Premises Licence Holder Or Club Premises Certificate Holder Must Ensure That Staff (in Particular Staff Who Are Involved In The Supply Of Alcohol) Are Made Aware Of The Existence And Content Of The Age Verification Policy Applied By The Premises.This Condition Does Not Exclude Best Practice Schemes Such As Challenge 21 Or Challenge 25 Which Require Individuals Who Appear To Be Under An Age Which Is Greater Than 18 To Provide ID.The Condition Only Applies In Situations Where The Sale Takes Place Face To Face. Companies That Sell Alcohol Remotely (e.g. Online Or By Mail Order) Should Operate An Age Verification Policy, But As The Transaction Takes Place Remotely The Condition Does Not Ordinarily Require Photo ID To Be Shown At The Point Of Delivery. As Long As Age Verification Has Taken Place Already Via Another Means, These Transactions Will Meet The Requirement Of The Condition.

We The Licence Holders Of Bookmeals Reserve The Right To Refuse The Order Or Delivery Of Food And Beverages (Including Alcohol) Should You Fail To Produce A Valid Proof Of Age Up On Delivery According To The Guidelines Set Above By The Home Office.
We Also Reserve The Right To Process Any Refund On Purchases Made As A Direct Result From The Breach Of Failing To Comply The Proof Of Age Verification Process.


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